Schnell! Now in German!

Here I am reading it in German.

I was a German major in college and lived in Munich, Berlin, and the Black Forest. I also taught in East Germany in the 1980s. So it is especially exciting for me to announce that A Medieval Woman’s Companion is published in German as Frauen des Mittelalters: Künstlerinnen – Herrscherinnen – Denkerinnen by Verlagshaus Römerweg (Imprint: Berlin University Press, 2017).


Here are Herbert and me in Kreuzberg, Berlin, near where I lived 1989-90.





The wonderful translator is Herbert Genzmer, the novelist and scholar, who lives in Berlin and Spain. I met up with him when visiting Berlin this past summer.


We rendezvoused at an atmospherically renovated area with a brewery, art gallery, and event space.

I am excited!

I hope you experience viel Spaß if you read it in German.








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