Beautiful Poem about Hildegard von Bingen

Read Alwyn Marriage’s beautiful poem about Hildegard von Bingen from the site on Women’s Literary Culture and the Medieval Canon.


Hildegard: Doctor of the Church

Hildegard believed that herbs for the body’s healing

had a part to play, with prayer, in the soul’s salvation;

and perceiving the greening of earth and heaven

from far beyond our human understanding,

she celebrated Viriditas, the force that flows

through all that’s green and good, in all that grows.


Like many other women since,

she posed a challenge to the Church,

displaying a deep learning never found

in books the clergy knew,

communicated in an alphabet they couldn’t read,

and if they could, they wouldn’t understand.


Down the centuries we hear her songs of glory

soaring higher in ripieno praise,

above the black-clad choir stalls

and dusty academic libraries

of those who failed to grasp that wisdom

could be grounded in a woman’s native wit.


As she joins the other doctors of the Church:

Térèse, Theresa, Catherine of Sienna,

along with sundry men, the question hovers:

will those without a voice today

nine hundred years from now be heard,



Alwyn Marriage

Alwyn Marriage
Read more about Alwyn Marriage

* Hildegard, Visions & Inspiration, edited by Gabriel Griffin, published by Wyvern Works, Italy, 2012.


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