March is Women’s History Month!

So happy with this new review by the wonderful Candace Robb: “If you’re writing about medieval women or teaching medieval history or literature, this book is an essential. What a resource!”

A Writer's Retreat

Last night, sublime music, women’s voices soaring in a Medieval Women’s Choir concert at Trinity Church. I was transfixed, transported by the voices. During the instrumentals I closed my eyes and watched all my beloved characters dancing to the vielle and harp. Members of the Medieval Women’s Choir will perform at my book launch on 4 May at the University Bookstore in Seattle!


When I began my career in crime writing, my library from graduate school was light on women. I scrambled for information about women in the 14th century, sifting through mountains of books, documents and papers hungrily copying down the smallest of gleanings about women and their lives in the period. But as you know if you keep up with the field or if you’ve followed this blog, that has changed. Radically. Historians are writing brilliant books about women in the middle ages. Hurrah!

unnamed-1Where to…

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